Fill out a form and generate a customed website in minutes

User Experience & User Inferface Design

Webveloper is a desktop/web platform that can help you produce a quick basic website through information about your business you give. You fill in a quick form about your business and in a few minutes Webveloper will generate a preview of your new customed website

My Role
Lead and sole designer — user interface design, and user experience design

Alston Lin, CTO
Jerry Bai, Product Manager
Aylwin Agraviador, Developer

Why use Webveloper?

Webveloper is a web platform to help people build a quick custom automated website. The typical users are small business owners wanting a quick basic website with their information so customers can get access to their information or services. Usually the business owner s are too busy dealing with other aspects to run and maintain their business, so taking a few minutes to ask questions and produce a quick website is more appealing.

User Journey
Questions form

Answer questions and information about your business. Everything from your business field, tagline, team members, about your business, color schemes you want in your generated website and more. The form is structured similarly to TypeForm, so the user can focus on the question.

Registering to customized

After your website is generated you have to sign up to customize the website and get access to your dashboard and account pages. To maintain and manage your website(s).

Account and dashboard mode

You can access your website or multiple websites if you have more, by checking the status if it's online, offline, standby if payment didn't go through. If you need to edit anything, there's a contact section to record a bug or content edit.

Mobile optimized

The templates are optized for desktop and mobile view.

Custom with multiple options

Once the website is generated you can pick options per section of the website.

Dark or light theme

The user can pick an overall dark or light theme and two additional colors via the initial questions form.