Translating the real-life public speaking coach experience into technology.

Branding Design, User Inferface and User Experience Design

Presentr is public speaking mobile coaching app that replicates the experience of having a coach by your side at all times. You can practice, assess and learn with Presentr just like you would if you were working on-on-one with a coach. We’ve taken that experience and made it on-demand and mobile. Crush your fears of public speaking and become a dynamic and confident speaker with Presentr where you receive instant, detailed, feedback on your skills, including volume, pace and filler words. Presentr provides a continuous learning experience with teaching modules and the ability to practice the skills and get feedback right on the app!


My Role
Lead and sole designer — branding design, user interface design, and user experience design

Worked with the CTO/Product Manager and development team. Along with design, I was part of user research, worked along with a QA Specialist and managed graphic design interns

Nikhil Paul, Product Manager/CTO
Alejandro Acevedo, Lead Developer
Blake Shetter, iOS Developer
Jill Duhl, QA Specialist

Apple App Store
Google Play
Understanding the User
The problem

73% of the population struggles with a fear of public speaking to a certain degree. Here are some reasons people are afraid of public speaking For users interested in improving their public speaking skills and feel more confident speaking in front of a crowd.

  • Being judged
  • Being criticized right then and there by someone in the audience
  • Forgetting what to say
  • Freezing (deer in a headlight)
Their goals

Many people's goals is to gain the confidence and skills to present at a 1-on-1 meetings, small team meetings, large audience.

The users

Presentr is a B2B app, for companies wanting their teams to improve on their public speaking skills. Feel more confident in speaking in front of crowds, clients or meetings

The Solution
What is Presentr?

Helps you improve on your public speaking skills to make you feel more confident

Product lifecycle

  • Record your presentation with your new adjustment skills
  • Review your score and tips
  • Continue to improve with mini games

Research and User Testing
Users public speaking sessions

We were working at a co-working space, so there was access to a lot of people from different companies. We conducted free public speaking sessions for people in the co-working, coached by one of the founders (a public speaking coach). The Product Manager and I observed and gathered feedback from the session. Ideate how to digitize public speaking into an app.

Score indicator

Originally the score indicator was a white dot that moves over the score range. Testers wanted to know where they landed on the range. Made the indicator bigger and dark, to it can be more noticeable.

Heat map

Used heat map analysis to see where on the screens, users are clicking and interacting. Adjusted the experience for confused users.


The original logo had a dark gem colors, which aged the overall branding. Which also projects an overall strict seriousness. Especially since most people have a fear of public speaking; the co-founders really wanted the rebranding to be welcoming and inviting.

Logo mockups

The old Presentr logo's graphic was of a person jumping, which does not relate to public speaking. So I was playing around with relatable graphic elements that can symbolize public speaking or the act of presenting.

I was playing around with idea of implementing microphones, podium, and a person talking. Also while keeping in mind if the logo can stand strong and simplic enough to be a sized down icon.

Final logo

The final redesigned logo is the word "Presentr", with a person in the "P" of "Presentr". The person's head is the hole of the "P" and base of the P's curve is suppose to be a podium, with a tiny microphone popping out.

Preparing for dev

Created flow charts so the product team can see the app overall

Design specs and exporting
  • File sizes for iOS mobile
  • Exporting file formats: PNG, JPEG, GIF
  • Design specs via Adobe XD

iOS Mobile App Features

The user can pick a topic to talk about, also they can activate a real-time feedback during their recording.


Scores page for all your recordings and the detailed breakdown. Also tips and descriptions of the breakdown scores, so users can understand how their recording was scored


Mini games to help you improve by focusing on certain public speaking skills

Pace game

Use this game while you are practicing on your presentation. This mini game will help you adjust your pace, so you are not too fast or slow. Talking too fast, your car will accelerate and hit the car ahead; if you talk too slow your car will hit the car behind you. Keep the green car within the same range as the pace car

Filler word game

If you say a filler word, the screen will fill with water, you have to make sure the water doesn’t go to the red line