Microsoft Tablet App

Retail, Inventory & Leads app
Contracted by Posh Consulting Inc. to be in charge of the full design for this multiple functional Microsoft tablet app. There are three versions of the app: Leads, Retail, Invoice & Inventory. The apps are to help small business owners keep on track of their company.

Inventory Site Map
Leads Site Map
Retail Site Map

Welcome Screen
Log In / Sign Up
This main screen lets user's log into their account or new users to sign up.
Dashboard Screen
After logging on, the screen that will appear is the app dashboard. Which displays any updates and the progress of your company.
Enter New Task Screen
Enter New Task Overlay Pop Up
This is the overlay screen to for you to enter in a new task on the 'To-Do' list on your dashboard
Contacts Screen
Displays all your contacts/leads, along with your contact's detailed information. You can search your contacts by name, using the search bar. Also you can organize your contacts in groups/categories.
Products Screen
My Products
You can view all your products. See which products you need to order/produce more, with a "Low in Stock" notification when you are running low in quantity. Also you can see how many you have left. The search engine can search by product number, product name and category; you can also scan products to pull up their information.
Edit Product
Edit Products
The edit product screen lets you add photos of the product and you can manually add in detailed description, or simply scan the item.
Upload Image Popup
Upload Image Overlay Pop Up
This overlay pop up will display on the screen when you are adding leads to upload an image.
Lead Added Overlay Popup Screen
Lead Added Overlay Popup
Overlay pop up confirmation once a lead has added.
Orders Screen
My Orders
View all your current orders, on which ones are pending and processing.
Processing Popup in Order Screen
Processing Overlay Pop Up in Orders
Process overlay pop up appears during an order is processing.
Invoice Screen
My Invoices
View all your invoices with an organized sorted option and search, also you can export/share your invoices.
Share Popup Overlay in Invoice Screen
Share Popup Overlay in Invoice
Overlay pop up options for sharing your invoice.