An app for entrepreneurs to jump start their business idea to launch.

User Experience Flow | User Inferface Design | App Branding

What is Gro?


Gro is a web/desktop app that will help you with step-by-step educational modules; which includes lessons & assignments. Each lesson’s assignment is interactive to help you create custom business plan documents and everything you need to make your business come to life.

User Experience Flow

Each flow has multiple scenarios to be mapped out. To prepare for each possible path in each lesson & assignment.

user experience


Lessons & Assignments

Each lesson has a different interactive assignment and additional resources.

Assignment Examples

Designed mocked companies to help the user visually understand each assignment for the industry they are in.

Additional Examples
Altra Media
Fresh Snack
Spiked Cafe


Helpful resources from service providers, article posts, podcasts, books, and document templates.